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Chloé, you have a gift, the most incredible raw food I have tasted. Your palate is absolutely excellent. You are on the cutting-edge.
— John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market

Chloé is a chef creating new foods by sourcing unique ingredients and developing proprietary culinary techniques.

She worked in restaurants in Los Angeles, California under many culinary styles - from Southern Californian cuisine, to molecular gastronomy and avant-garde, high-end vegan food establishments.

After working with various chefs in Los Angeles, Toronto and Miami, she supported dining events at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival 2016 in Florida. A particular interest in her fermented nut-milk cheeses and creative pastry confections lead her to be invited to the British Virgin Islands to stage sustainable dining events using locally-grown tropical ingredients on private islands, on yachts and in villas.

Chloé’s distinctive style of elevating fresh raw produce into sophisticated and bold food creations catches the attention of notable clientele, including Richard Branson, on Necker Island, and John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods Market.

In the islands, Chloé learned to adapt her culinary techniques to a more global ingredient palette as well as how to work directly with farmers, learning about supply chains and raw ingredient sourcing.

Chloe is also a personal chef for various notable individuals and families in the entertainment, the technology and the sports businesses internationally. She also stages her special dining events and catering events for various partners and collaborators including but not limited to luxury retail, hotel and restaurants, and resorts.

For all business inquiries please email info@chloerobillard.com.

Client List —

Sir Richard Branson
Necker Island, Caribbean
John Mackey, Whole Foods Market
Ogilvy, Montreal
Holt Renfrew, Montreal
Evenko, Montreal
Osheaga (VIP), Montreal
Crown Salts, Montreal
Let's Bond Charity Ball, Montreal
Private Events, Nosara, Costa Rica
South Beach Food & Wine Festival, Miami
Kathy Freston, Bestselling Author
Dan Buetner, Blue Zones Author
Les Canadiens de Montréal



For any event catering or general business inquiries please email info@chloerobillard.com.



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Business Inquiries Contact: Info@chloerobillard.com